543,000 More Vehicles Added to Takata Recalls

Toyota. Takata. Recall.

Those are three words that I’m tired of typing and you’re sick of hearing about. Yet here we are with another recall of 543,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles that have ticking time-bombs for airbags. Some vehicles are being recalled for the second time.

You probably know the script by now:

  1. Over time Takata airbag inflators are susceptible to moisture.
  2. When that moisture mixes with the airbag’s propellant, the inflators become unstable and can explode sending shrapnel throughout the cabin.
  3. The problem is responsible for 11 deaths in the USA alone.

Toyota – including Lexus and Scion – has now recalled over 6 million vehicles for this problem. Find out if yours is on the most recent list and make sure to scroll through all the different recall “zones.”